Challenge Denmark: Brand Manager & Designer
Year: 2017 - 2018

Keywords: brand, identity, development, design, graphics, marketing, e-mail, social ledia, lead generation, livestream, video production, retargeting, adwords, webdesign, pos material, b2b and b2c sales, magazines, sports clothing, medals, display banners.

Feel free to reach out, if you need more reference to the work I've done for Challenge Denmark.

Challenge Denmark

Challenge Denmark is a part of the Challenge Family brand and is currently operated by RaceMakers ApS.

In my time at RaceMakers I was in charge of all Brand and Identity. Primarily I managed, created and designed content for marketing campaigns, such as e-mail and Social Media. I've created material for sponsors and the sales team, and I had a leading role in the Media and Live production at Garmin Challenge Herning 2018.

For the events, I got experience with designing Finisher T-shirts, Finisher Medals, Lanyards, Inflatable Arch's, Beach Flags, Roll Ups and much much more.

The latest I've worked on for Challenge Denmark, is the new website design. Their old design didn't reflect their identity and was not optimised for lead generation. An important first step in designing the new website was to make sure that new potential participants always new why to sign up and how to sign up. The next step was to align the design with the identity of the Challenge brand and secure, that Challenge Denmark differs from the other races in Europe.